Project Rescue

TFF Architects will get your project back on track

TFF have a proven track record of being brought in to troubleshoot or rescue building projects which have stalled or failed to progress as the client originally required, or are failing to achieve the client’s original brief. This can be as early as failure to obtain planning consents or as late as the contractor failing on site or going bankrupt.

Why choose TFF to assist when things go wrong during a building or renovation project?

Typically troubled projects have overrun in one or more of the following aspects – time, cost, quality or scope. Inevitably this results in frustration and disappointment for the client and often a breakdown in communications within the consultant team.

TFF will work closely with the client to understand their frustrations and priorities for the project.

TFF have a well established process of reviewing projects to quickly identify the underlying reasons for the failings and propose appropriate action.

Following our thorough review, we advise on the best, quickest and most cost effective route to get a project back on track and completed whilst maintaining the required build quality.

Project Rescue – TFF Services (tailored to suit specific circumstances)

  • Assess performance of the client’s design team and, when works are on site, the main contractor’s team.
  • Review & report on existing progress and identify the parties under performing, either on site or pre site works.
  • Review & report on existing project drawings & information provided and identify the parties under performing.
  • Advise on the best, quickest and most cost effective route to getting the project completed. Typically this results in working with members of the client team where valued and replacing those that are under performing.
  • Provide additional information where found lacking and needed to complete the works to the required standard.
  • If deemed necessary to replace the main contractor, provide advice and manage the process to install a suitable replacement.
  • Establish healthy working relationships, effective communications and oversee work on site through to completion.